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Kirby Griffin


Kirby Griffin

Kirby Griffin is a cinematographer and street photographer at Six Point Pictures. “A style rooted in shadows and bright faces”- he'd consider that to be his balance. Initially, the pursuit of filmmaking for Kirby seemed a herculean task seeing as though film school appeared to be the only entry and a huge financial barrier. However, with the rise of the DSLR era and the overall democratization of film allowed Kirby to guide his talent. Kirby created his own film school so to speak by putting himself through his own extensive training, exhaustive research, collaboration and a whole lot of trial and error. His expertise has taken him around the world and his work has been included in various film festivals including the LA Film Festival and New Orleans Film festival to name a few. Now with years of experience and a solid foundation, his goal is to add another perspective to the voice and eye for black cinema. Understanding traditions enough to only destroy them and create something new from its ashes best describes his motivation and passion.

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AffiliationSix Point Pictures
LocationBaltimore, MD