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Startup Grind: How You Know You've Made It

Startup Grind with Smitha Gopal, Margaret Roth, Joni Daniels & Jeehye Yun

Needless to say, starting a company is an incredibly challenging task. Building a sustainable, high-performing, growing business that adds value for your customers is a whole other level of complexity. In this edition of Startup Grind, we’ll hear a conversation between four entrepreneurs as they discuss the eternal questions — How do we measure success? How do we know if we've "made it"? How do you get beyond "surviving"? Be ready for an unfiltered look inside the startup journey.

ETC (Emerging Technology Centers)
101 N. Haven St. 21224
Suite 301
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  • Smitha Gopal

    Smitha Gopal

    Smitha Gopal is the CEO of Rendia, a Baltimore company that creates visual patient education

  • Margaret Roth

    Margaret Roth

    Margaret is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Yet Analytics, a Baltimore based company

  • Joni Daniels

    Joni Daniels

    A nationally recognized management development consultant, Joni Daniels is Principal of Daniels

  • Jeehye Yun

    Jeehye Yun

    Jeehye Yun is the founding CEO of RedShred, an AI company that uses machine learning and natural


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