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Smart Cities Summit

Come together during the Smart Cities Summit to co-create a vision for a 21st Century Baltimore! This event will focus on understanding new technologies designed to improve the quality of life for citizens of Baltimore. These technologies can facilitate improved infrastructure, policies, and efficiencies relating to water, transportation, nutrition, public health and crime reduction in Baltimore City. We intend to have participants break out into small groups based on the current projects and initiatives they are facilitating. This will not be just an event but a productive convening where we move the needle forward on key urban issues.


8:30 am - Meet and Greet/Coffee

9:00 am - Keynote

9:30 am - Breakout Groups

  • Nutrition ( Food deserts, affordability, urban agriculture)
  • Water ( Drinkable/swimmable Harbor, Chesapeake Bay)
  • Energy ( Solar, Wind, Kinetic)
  • Transportation ( Access, commute times, infrastructure)
  • Public Health ( Root causes of health inequalities)
  • Crime Reduction ( Crime prevention through environmental design)
  • Education ( Digital divide, EdTech, Higher Ed)

10:15 am - Switch Groups

11:30 am - Reporting Back on Key Takeaways

12:00 pm - Lunch

300 West Pratt Street 21201
#Suite 500
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